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Collection: City Tees Capsule

The Psycho Bunny City Tees collection includes t-shirts made from premium Peruvian Pima cotton, featuring unique designs inspired by great US cities. A stylish and comfortable way to show your pride for your favorite city.

City Tees Capsule

The limited-edition City Tees pay homage to the places Psycho Bunny recently opened stores, featuring expressive interpretations of their discernible iconography. As we continue to build our family of followers, we love to share in the pride that makes each community we encounter special. The City Tees collection does just that. It’s meant to evoke pride and emotion through a vibrant interpretation of sense of place—done with love and care. All crafted in the brand’s signature Pima cotton jersey, the perfectly cut silhouettes are durable, breathable, lightweight, and has ultrasoft on-body feel. Rep your home with this proud collection.

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