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  • Daddy Yankee

    The Reggaeton pioneer is fueled by a passion for his Puerto Rican heritage. He carried the torch—through devotion and pride—to catapult the genre into global hysteria.

  • Jay Versace

    Jay, a Grammy Award-winning producer for his work on the last Tyler, The Creator album, believes in staying true to yourself without ever compromising or allowing others to influence you.

  • Justise Winslow

    Star NBA player and style icon Justise Winslow injects the same confidence and authenticity he brings to the court into everything else he does.

  • Kendrick Sampson

    The Houston native activist, actor, and star of HBO’s Insecure is dedicated to fighting social injustice in his community and fearlessly using his voice for change.

  • Brother Nature

    Kelvin’s a prolific out-of-the-box creator with an undisputed Instagram and TikTok presence, a photographer, and animal lover.

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