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There’s nothing fun about having to choose between warmth and style. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you suddenly want to look boring.

We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure you don’t have to pick one or the other and we’re excited to introduce our most technically-advanced jacket and vest yet, crafted, as always, to our rigorous standards and constructed using cutting-edge techniques for a peerless blend of form and function.

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No matter rain, wind or snow, the Astley jacket has been designed to keep you warm.

A quilted nylon shell keeps both the wind and rain at bay, while ensuring that the 90/10 down fill remains evenly distributed throughout the jacket.

This provides maximum warmth even as you move and put the jacket through its paces.

The quilting has been created without the traditional stitching technique you might find on the average jacket.

Instead, we’ve used a heat-sealing technique for the quilting, as well as the joints where the sleeves meet the jacket body, to create an entirely seamless jacket.

It’s a technique that ensures maximum impermeability, removing any possibility for moisture to seep through the stitching.

Given the heavyweight tech we’ve equipped the Astley with, you’ll be surprised at how lightweight it is.

The Astley might be our most technically-advanced jacket yet, but it offers more than just warmth—we’ve taken extra care to create a sharp, refined silhouette that stands out in the crowd of bland, boring jackets.

Consider the short collar, which offers protection from the wind, but also contributes to the jacket’s refined silhouette.

A sealed two-way zipper—which is finished with Psycho Bunny branding—rounds off the Astley, and gives you the option of bundling up or showing off your layering game.

The Marshaw vest is essentially the sleeveless version of our Astley jacket. Despite having less when it comes to sleeves, there’s no compromise when it comes to the Marshaw’s tech specs—nor the warmth they offer.

The same lightweight nylon shell holds a warm 90/10 down fill, with the same seamless quilting ensuring that it remains evenly distributed.

No detail has been overlooked in our quest to make the Marshaw as waterproof as possible: the two-way zipper is sealed and, rather than stitch on our classic logo, we’ve opted for a heat-transfer on the chest.

It’s truly the best vest you can get—ideal for layering in the fall, or adding an extra layer of warmth for those cold winter days.