stitch standard

The Psycho Bunny
Quality Story

go into sewing
every bunny.

but our obsession
with quality doesn't
stop there.

before a stitch,
it starts with
a sketch.

When we saw the way the other guys were making polos, we thought, nah, not good enough. So we set out to do it our way.

4,000 stitches go into sewing every bunny, but our quality standards don't stop there. From the fabric and craftsmanship, to the look and feel, when we make our polos, we set out to be the best.

This is the story of how our polos are made. We apply the same standards across every style and every collection. We're proud of what we do and when you wear our stuff, we want you to be too.



the best
starts here.

You can't expect great pizza without great ingredients, so why should it be any different when it comes to great clothing?

Our factories are our partners. We choose them because they hold themselves to the same standards that we do - excellence. We don't settle. Nor do they.

Based in Peru, our partners work with fabrics made from locally grown Pima cotton. Why Pima cotton? You guessed it - it's the best cotton on the market. Pima's extra long fibers make for a finished product that checks every box that matters: it's incredibly soft, incredibly durable, and incredibly easy to take care of.

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our pique is
tough, but
luxurious, just
like a diamond.

They say diamonds
are forever.

That's why we developed a unique four-way stretch diamond knit pique for our polos. Not only is it more resistant to wear and warping, it boasts a one-of-a-kind texture.

We believe you should be able to pull on your favorite polo without worrying about what it'll look like after a hundred wears.

Like we said, we don't settle for anything but the best.

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that crisp, soft,
cool and warm
all at the same
time feeling.

That just-got-into-bed-with-fresh-sheets feeling

We wanted to make polos that give you that fresh-sheets feeling. All day. Every day. You know what we're talking about.

Our diamond knit pique makes for a fabric that's both soft and durable, smooth yet textured, luxurious and comfortable.

If that doesn't sound familiar it's because there's nothing else quite like it.

But once you've felt it, you'll understand.

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there are colorful
polos and then
there are psycho bunny polos.

We're reimagining the classics by saturating the world with personality.

Our polos are full of character. They stand apart.

We color outside the lines, wear our passion on our sleeve and turn the volume up on life because what's life if it's not lived to the fullest?


Our logo is unconventional.

We'll be the first to admit that a bunny with crossbones isn't for everyone. But those who wear it do so with pride, purpose and personality.

Every bunny takes 4,000 stitches to make. Each on its own doesn't amount to much. Put them together though, and you get character.

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no one
likes plastic

Most polos use plain white plastic buttons. We could've done that too, but we didn't.

All of our polos are finished with mother-of-pearl buttons.

What makes a mother-of-pearl button different from your run-of-the-mill button? They're made from nacre, the same natural material pearls are made of. It's renowned for its iridescence—subtle, but luxurious.

Nacre is also strong and resilient. Our buttons will hold up over time, just like our pique. That's why you'll even find them on our polos with a hidden placket: these are more than just shiny buttons.