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Will Buxton x Psycho Bunny: Uniting Style and Speed

Will Buxton x Psycho Bunny: Uniting Style and Speed

Will Buxton x Psycho Bunny: Uniting Style and Speed

As the excitement ramps up for the return of Netflix's thrilling series "Drive to Survive" on February 23rd, there's a new style icon racing onto the screen—Will Buxton, renowned motorsport personality and now the brand ambassador for Psycho Bunny.


Psycho Bunny, the emblem of irreverent British-American fashion, has announced an exciting partnership with Will Buxton, known for his dynamic presence on and off the track. This collaboration marks a thrilling venture into the high-octane world of motorsport for Psycho Bunny, as Buxton will be showcasing the brand during all his appearances, from the circuits to other sporting events.

For fans eagerly awaiting the new season of "Drive to Survive," keep an eye out for Will Buxton sporting his favorite Psycho Bunny styles. Whether he's providing insights into the intense rivalries or taking viewers behind the scenes, Buxton will undoubtedly bring a dash of Psycho Bunny's distinctive flair to the screen.

Through his Instagram @wbuxtonofficial, fans can catch glimpses of the racing legend donning Psycho Bunny's latest gear, embodying the fusion of style and speed. From sleek polos to signature bunny logo designs, Psycho Bunny is set to make its mark on the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport.

This partnership has already garnered attention, with mentions in Sports Illustrated and Deal Town, highlighting the significance of this collaboration in the fashion and motorsport realms.

As fans gear up for the adrenaline-packed drama of "Drive to Survive," they can now also look forward to spotting Psycho Bunny's distinctive logo speeding alongside Will Buxton. Stay tuned for a season filled with speed, style, and the unmistakable allure of Psycho Bunny.

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