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Meet the new Psycho Bunny Racing international motorsport Brand Ambassador, Will Buxton

Meet the new Psycho Bunny Racing international motorsport Brand Ambassador, Will Buxton

Driven By Success

There’s a new driving force in the Psycho Bunny camp. Renowned journalist, presenter, best-selling author, and Netflix’s Drive to Survive star, Will Buxton will represent Psycho Bunny as international motorsport Brand Ambassador, as he follows the Grands Prix circuit international motorsport calendar to every corner of the world.

Buxton’s journey from motorsport enthusiast to broadcast linchpin is an inspirational story of ambition, individuality, and self-belief—parallel to the path that Psycho Bunny carved out since the humble beginnings in New York in the mid 2000s.

will buxton walking in the austin circuit

Wanting to move into the motorsport landscape for some time, Psycho Bunny’s Executive Marketing Director, Bertrand Cesvet noticed Buxton as a major player who shared our brand’s positive and spirited ethos. “Psycho Bunny places the same importance as Will does on optimism and drive—we live life to the fullest in everything we do, every day. Our core values just align. His passion for motorsport and his vibrant personality, which plays such a big part in the successful career he’s created, is inspirational. He shows up every day—and that’s exactly what Psycho Bunny is all about,” Cesvet explains.

After two decades working in the sport he’s loved since childhood, Buxton has risen to the pinnacle of the motor-racing universe as a respected broadcast journalist and a leading authority on all things motorsport related. His far-reaching impact has extended beyond the sport and into the cultural zeitgeist with a best-selling debut book and his inimitable presence in the hugely-successful Netflix series, Drive to Survive. In a career spanning 300 Grands Prix and more than 600 total races, his widespread experience covers racing championships around the world.

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“Representing the motorsport world and being involved for as long as I have in the sport that I love is an absolute privilege, especially when I see how massively motor racing has developed and how globally popular it has become since my early days,” Buxton says. “Joining forces with Psycho Bunny, a world-renowned fashion label leaping into the fast-paced world of motorsport, is absolutely thrilling! They’re a brand that’s all about optimism as reflected through their vibrant colors, yet they also sit within an elegant and elevated space. They have such a positive energy and bring something completely different to the table, which is why I’m excited to work with them.”

In conclusion, Cervest teased that next year will be an exciting one. “The motorsport space is something we’ve been targeting for a while and now, since Will is coming onboard with his lexicon-like knowledge, we’ll be looking to introduce Psycho Bunny Racing in time for the 2024 season. Watch this space.”

The Best-Selling Author

The celebrated journalist unveiled his debut book in 2019, My Greatest Defeat: Stories of Hardship and Hope from Motor Racing's Finest Heroes, which quickly became a best seller with its revealing chronicles of 20 of the greatest living racing drivers across multiple motorsport disciplines. It tells the extremely personal stories of these drivers as they experience their most vulnerable moments while competing, bringing a human element to their herculean public personas.

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The Talking Head

His inimitable presence and detailed insight in the hugely-successful Netflix series, Drive to Survive, has brought Buxton into the living rooms of millions around the world. No broadcast programme in the racing realm, since the BBC’s highly successful Top Gear, has captured the imagination of the public at large—be it racing aficionados or random viewers in search of high-octane entertainment. In Drive to Survive, already five seasons in, Buxton’s personality and mannerisms have become almost iconic, especially his tension-building dramatic pauses that have spurred a slew of memes among online fans. He educates through explaining the most complex of rules and tactics that, for the first time, make the sport accessible to the laymen, without taking away from the engrossing drama that unfolds. The binge-worthy docuseries follows the Grands Prix racing circuit across multiple seasons, with no shortage of interesting characters and action-packed moments. Since dropping in 2019, it has kicked off a cult-like fandom of unlikely followers with its behind-the-scenes drama and fervent feuds.

Meet Will Buxton in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Buxton will make his first appearance as Psycho Bunny Racing’s international motorsport Brand Ambassador on Grand Prix weekend in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 18, where he’ll do an in-store meet and greet at Forum Shops, Caesars Palace, between 2–3PM. 

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