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Artist Series, Las Vegas: Pretty Done aka Adam Rellah

The person behind the art persona Pretty Done, Adam Rellah, describes himself as an “immersive abstract freestyle pop artist.” Fittingly, his work evokes the late legend Keith Haring. Thick black lines, bold colors, and graffiti-inspired cartoon-esque figures enliven murals in his hometown Las Vegas, hotel interiors, and even cars—to name but a few mediums. His interpretation of the Psycho Bunny brand for Las Vegas Artist Series is no exception—Rellah infuses Sin City’s iconography in a playful and vivid rendering that vibrantly represents the city’s fortitude. You can have the chance to see Pretty Done’s artwork named “PD-PB-LV” at the Fashion Show mall.

Since he started drawing at the age of 19, renowned Las Vegas artist Adam Rellah AKA Pretty Done applied himself to creating intriguing characters and out-of-the-box lettering, an art which he’s continued to hone until today.
When interpreting the Psycho Bunny brand and aesthetic for the Las Vegas Artist Series, Rellah explains the instant compatibility. “Filling the Psycho Bunny logo was just a perfectly shaped vehicle for my style—my patterns and characters naturally fit into it. Also, putting the logo on a classic Vegas iconography, including the playing cards, was just a perfect match from the get-go.” What makes the Artist Series Las Vegas special, according to the artist and muralist, is because Psycho Bunny’s aesthetic and ethos is so similar to his. “It’s a great project that promotes art and self-expression, which in turn is complementary to both our aesthetics. Fashionable, minimal, pops of color, and bold lines … I’m extremely happy with the final designs and super excited to see this project with Psycho Bunny come to life!
Since Las Vegas is world-renowned as a playground for fun and visiting is almost like stepping into an electrifying world made for amusement, it has a big impact on Pretty Done’s style—and since his aesthetic is created there, his vivid artwork inherently oozes with the city’s character and ethos of gratification. “My style is high-energy, fun, and electric—like Vegas. Classic symbolism and bold colors come together in a balanced pattern,” he explains.
Pretty Done’s creative process is as easeful and natural as his unique aesthetic itself. “The creative process comes extremely natural to me. Coming up with concepts and putting my iPencil to iPad is just organic. I remind myself to stick to the theme, but just get stuck and try to have fun when I draw. It’s as simple as that.” When asked to describe self-expression in three words and what it means to him, Rellah eloquently replies, “originality, honesty, uniqueness. It’s what makes everyone so special—and it makes the world go round.”

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