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Artist Series, Tucson, Arizona: Justin Pierce

Pierce’s exuberance for the scenic geography of Tucson and Arizona as a whole is something he’s explored as a creative person for a long time. “The inspiration behind my rendition of the Bunny for the Artist Series is drawn from a collection of my desert landscape paintings. Having moved to Arizona 14 years ago, I’ve been diving into the state’s rich and robust landscape for many years.”

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His highly-expressive artwork for the Artist Series cerebrally fuses these landscapes with the striking imagery seen in Pierce’s modern style. “I wanted to amalgamate these desert horizon depictions with the color-filled patterns synonymous with my existing work, consisting of a wide range of mediums like canvas, murals, shoes, and so on,” he explains.
The artist describes his connection with Arizona as a “major influence” on the conceptualization process while he was reinterpreting the Bunny logo. “As someone who lived on the streets, I feel like my art really started to grow after I moved to Arizona and settled in. In my earlier days my pieces would be displayed at Foothills Art Walk, a serene Tucson setting in which the work of local artists is showcased. As I honed my craft I eventually started producing pieces for major collectors, businesses, and celebrities like Rick Ross, LL Cool J, and Samuel L Jackson. Jackson himself has been a true mentor for the past three years, even taking the time to talk about me on a national broadcast of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, calling me "The Arizona Artist.” “
Speaking on his experience working with Psycho Bunny, the Chicago transplant says he had come across stores in different states on his many travels, which had a big impact on him. “They’re dope! I love the style and the Bunny logo. Everything just lined up for me. I was super excited for the project—and to work with a legit company like Psycho Bunny,” an enthused Pierce added.
Describing in three words what self-expression means to him, he says, “Self-expression means faith, humbleness, and happiness.” He elaborated in his eternally-positive outlook by saying, “Just believe in yourself, be humble, and have fun.” Psycho Bunny took the initiative to print Pierce’s interpretation of this Artist Series’ Bunny on an exclusive, limited run of Pima cotton tees. Available at La Encantada and online, they’ll be available until sold out.

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