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FAQ: Psycho Bunny and Tennis Canada Partnership

FAQ: Psycho Bunny and Tennis Canada Partnership

Psycho Bunny Enters Tennis Apparel via Canadian Partners, More Coming

  1. What is Psycho Bunny's recent collaboration with Tennis Canada about?
    Psycho Bunny and Tennis Canada have announced a multi-year partnership aimed at bringing a fresh energy to the sport of tennis. This collaboration entails Psycho Bunny becoming the official athletic apparel sponsor for Team Canada from 2024 until 2027, especially at the Davis Cup and the Billie Jean King Cup events. Additionally, Psycho Bunny will also sponsor the National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Montreal and Toronto.
  2. What does this collaboration entail?
    Psycho Bunny will provide performance-driven apparel for players and introduce a new lifestyle collection accessible to the public during the National Bank Open events in Montreal and Toronto, both in stores and online.
  3. Why did Psycho Bunny choose to partner with Tennis Canada?
    Psycho Bunny sees this collaboration as an opportunity to showcase its brand on a significant platform and support the local sports community. The partnership aligns with their ethos of making every moment count and brings their brightly colored brand both on and off the court. 
  4. How has Psycho Bunny's business evolved recently?
    Psycho Bunny has experienced significant growth in recent years including the appointment of Anna Martini as CEO. The brand remains committed to expanding its retail operations both in North America and globally.
  5. Can you provide more information about Psycho Bunny and Tennis Canada?
    Psycho Bunny is a leading menswear label renowned for its quality and vibrant aesthetic, while Tennis Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and promotion of tennis in Canada.

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