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Artist Series, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Carlitos Skills

The San Juan, Puerto Rico-based artist Carlitos Skills (AKA Carlos A. Rivera Rivera), is a multimedia specialist that seamlessly bounces between muraling, tattooing, visual art, creative directing, and entrepreneurship. He’s collaborated with the industry’s edgiest artists like Ahol Sniffs Glue, Sen2 Figueroa, and Don Rimx at his gallery space, Skills Creative Studios, fusing his unique style with various fine art techniques to craft one-of-a-kind pieces. For the Psycho Bunny Artist Series, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Skills imagined a completely original Bunny that takes its inspiration from his native island. You can see his artwork, “Celeste,” for Psycho Bunny’s Artist Series in-store at The Mall of San Juan, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He was drawn into films at a young age, inspiring him to try his hand at drawing. “I realized I wanted to become an artist when all the different shapes and colors in movies pulled me in and got me thinking. I slowly started spending my time drawing, instead of hanging out with friends,” Skills explains. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Art and Digital Design, cementing his passion for expressing himself. Over time he developed his style, honing an aesthetic that combines bright colors, realism, semi-abstract patterns, and geometry.
His creative process for working with Psycho Bunny and incorporating his unique point of view, took him on an introspective journey that delved into his heritage. “I went all-in during the creative process. I really took my time coming up with ideas on how to incorporate my culture and heritage,” he says. “The composition came about by refreshing my memory on Puerto Rico’s history—and which elements I could include within this piece. I looked at previous collaborations Psycho Bunny had done and set out to create an artwork that I think would stand out from the rest.”
For Skills, the Artist Series, San Juan, Puerto Rico was a special experience. “Being able to represent my island, my heritage, and my people in my style makes me proud!” His strong connection with the island and wanting to see it represented—in his work, but also all over the world—is something dear to him. “Knowing the island is so small, but somehow Puerto Rico is mentioned everywhere, inspires me to keep working for my people. We are very connected. We work together. We support one another and we never give up!”
Skills was familiar with Psycho Bunny before doing the Artist Series and his decision to join the project was quite organic. “Psycho Bunny is a well-known brand here in Puerto Rico. It’s a brand that appeals to the same public that my art targets. My main focus nowadays is painting on canvas and fine arts—and I feel with the Artist Series I created a piece of fine art that gives back to the community,” Skills tells of his view on the project. For him, there are three very important words relating to self-expression: “Don’t force outcome.” He believes you need to be free and create in the moment. “As soon as one starts to force an outcome, you begin to create insecurities. The process of creating art is supposed to be enjoyable, keeping your mind as free as possible without concerning yourself with the result. As soon as you can tap into the freedom of the idea, you can create a masterpiece.” Psycho Bunny took the initiative to print Skills’ interpretation of this Artist Series’ Bunny on an exclusive, limited run of Pima cotton tees. Available at The Mall San Juan and online, they’ll be available until sold out.

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