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Artist Series, Hudson Yard New York: Kasi Turpin

New York city package designer, illustrator, muralist, letterer, and art entrepreneur, Kasi Turpin, brought her gifted bold imagery to the Psycho Bunny Artist Series Program. She uses quaint scenes that depict what makes NYC unique to her to reinterpret the iconic Bunny logo, incorporating her signature style that combines unique quirkiness, confidence, and tongue-in-cheek irreverence. You can see Kasi Turpin’s artwork for Psycho Bunny’s Artist Series in-store at Hudson Yards, New York City.

Having recently created vibrant illustrations for the star-studded Color Outside the Lines campaign—featuring Daddy Yankee, Justise Winslow, Jay Versace, Brother Nature, and Kendrick Sampson—Turpin is no stranger to working with Psycho Bunny.
Her ability to amalgamate her extremely recognizable style with the Psycho Bunny aesthetic is no small feat, although her inspiration manifested itself organically. “For me, Psycho Bunny is the perfect mix of style and self-expression. The brand feels confident, bold, and beaming with personality. The Artist Series was such a fun and seamless alliance for me because it felt like nothing was off limits—I could express my own style in such a way to bring the brand to life on canvas,” Turpin says. For Turpin, the Artist Series was exciting, as Psycho Bunny puts personal expression to the forefront. “Self-expression is endless, so seeing how the brand keeps things new and interesting is always such a delight.”
Creating something tangible that will be on display in a Psycho Bunny store, has been a special experience during the Artist Series. “Anything that becomes a physical medium at the end of a project gives me so much joy. Staring at a screen has become such a big part of our everyday lives that giving someone a break from that for a second to stare at physical art feels enormously special,” she explains. Speaking about her connection to New York City, Turpin says it has and will continue to have a prominent place in her art. “The city never disappoints on making me feel so alive. There is endless inspiration everywhere you look; whenever I leave for holiday, I’m always so excited to come back to it. There are obviously so many things that make this city great—but in this project I wanted to show quaint scenes that depict some of the many things that make NYC unique to me. A late-night slice of pizza, (always entertaining) subway rides, or a morning cup of coffee on your commute,” Turpin enlightens.
In finding her inspiration for the Artist Series, the multi-disciplinary artist says she writes notes just about every day of the things she found to be unique while on a walk, at a restaurant, or talking with a friend. “For this project I took a lot of walks! Sometimes when you live somewhere so long you forget small things that were once new and exciting when you first moved there, so I tried to get into the mindset of what is special about this place and what sparked excitement for me when I first came to NYC. This project was amazingly intuitive for me because so many ideas came to mind that it was fun to write a giant list and then go through and pick the best ones to bring to life,” Turpin concludes.

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