Product Care | Psycho Bunny

polo care

We took extra care to make our polos
as easy to care for as possible.

If you’re in a rush,
there’s four things to know.

Flip your polo inside out before running it
through the washing machine.


Take an extra second to fasten the
mother-of-pearl buttons.

Dry it laying flat, or hanging on
a sturdy hanger.

Hang to

Dry flat

Avoid the dryer, bleach, dry-cleaning
and careless storage.

Do not
tumble dry

Do not

Do not

If you’ve got a couple minutes, here’s why:

There’s no need to wash your Psycho Bunny polos by hand. Our diamond knit pique is as durable as they come. If you wash your polo by hand, not only will you use way more water than necessary, but you won’t give it an even wash.

Instead, just fasten the buttons and flip your polo inside out before dropping it into the wash. It’s a simple gesture that will avoid tugging at any loose threads and keep the colours bright as ever.

All of our classic polos are crafted from nothing but Pima cotton, using a unique diamond knit pique. That makes our polos soft and durable. With 100% Pima cotton also comes a minimal amount of shrinkage—3-4% after the first wash, but you’ll barely notice it.

Once your polo is clean, it would really appreciate being left out of the dryer. Using the dryer can damage the fibres, cause shrinkage and dull the colours—a trio of things nobody wants. If you’re really in a pinch, our pima cotton polos can be tumble dried on the delicate setting. Our golf polos, which contain polyester, should never see the inside of a dryer.

In an ideal world, you’d have time to lay your polo flat while it’s drying. That’s rarely possible, though. That’s why our unique diamond knit pique—developed in-house at Psycho Bunny—was designed to help your polo keep the shape you love, even when it’s hung out to dry. If you do hang your polo, use a hefty hanger.

As far as keeping your collar looking nice and crisp, you don’t have much to worry about. Our polo collars have been designed to never roll.

Psycho Bunny tees can be washed following the same simple steps. For other pieces, compare the care tags to the guide at the top and you'll be on your way towards keeping your favorite pieces looking crisp.