these aren’t
your average
polos and tees.

We could have done what everybody else was doing. But we didn’t.

Instead we set out to make the perfect polo and the most luxurious tee you’d ever wear. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.


Our Pima cotton is woven from longer, smoother fibres. This has a number of benefits, most important of which is that it gives the fabric an incredibly soft on-body feel. The longer fibres are more durable, too—less prone to warping and tearing, while retaining their colored dye considerably longer than traditional cotton.

Our four-way diamond knit pique was conceived to allow the fabric to be gently stretched in any direction without warping the shape. This means that wear and washing won’t change how our meticulously tailored polos fit. An added bonus of our four-way diamond knit pique is that, as the individual Pima cotton threads are interwoven, it creates a luxurious texture.

Our exclusive Pima cotton fabrics are both smooth and textured, soft and durable. If that doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because there’s nothing else quite like it. Once you’ve felt it, you’ll understand.

the bunny

We won’t deny it: Our Bunny logo is unconventional. But that’s why we love it.

It’s a nod to those who know—those with colorful personalities who are unabashedly themselves. Each time we embroider our Bunny, it takes more than 4000 stitches to get it just right. Each stitch on its own doesn’t amount to much. Put them together, though, and you get character.

the classic polo

We spent years developing the perfect trim fit. It hits that sweet spot classic and slim; cut just a little bit longer than your average polo. We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our polos keep that perfect fit. We developed a unique diamond knit pique with four-way stretch that keeps its shape, wash af-ter wash. Our collars never roll. Taped seams provide comfort and ensure that the shoulders never stretch or sag. This isn’t your average polo. It’s the perfect polo.

POLOS — 228 reviews

I love these polo tops. They are high quality and fit perfectly. I have been wearing Psych Bunny for over 10 years after a friend bought me one. The Tee shirts are great too.

Mark G.

Verified Buyer

TEES — 113 reviews

Shirt is comfortable and soft. Love the logo placement and size. Very relaxing fabric.

Maia M.

Verified Buyer

POLOS — 228 reviews

Great quality, really confortable, the color is just like the picture. Traditional design with a touch of style with the PB logo. Recommended for anybody who likes polo style shirts. True to size. Traditional fit, should feel very comfortable on your size.

Adán A.

Verified Buyer

POLOS — 228 reviews

Feels good and amazing. Will definitely keep purchasing Psycho Bunny clothes.

Gaby M.

Verified Buyer

POLOS — 228 reviews

Another solid stunner from psycho bunny. Top quality as usual. Fits true to size. Ordering is easy and shipped fast.

Terrell N.

Verified Buyer

POLOS — 228 reviews

Top notch! Color, fit, material, and feel are all very important to me and that’s why I keep coming back.

Matt M.

Verified Buyer

the classic tee

In a world of basic T-shirts, our classic tee doesn’t just exceed expectations—it sets the standard for what you should expect.

We use nothing but the finest Pima cotton for unrivalled comfort. We’ve tailored our classic tee for the perfect fit between classic and slim.

It’s a tee you’ll want to wear often, so we’ve done everything to ensure it’ll look as good the first time you see it in our store as the hundredth time you’re wearing it. Like our po-los, our tees are finished with taped seams, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape.

sport, nothing but the best

Living life on the go can feel like a sport, which is why we believe you deserve the same tech professional athletes get.

Our gear is designed to move with you, no matter where it is you’re going, with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics and cutting-edge tech. Our Sport line offers styles that are as easy to wear as they are to pack and that look as good as they feel, even when you're on the go.

Take our sport polo. It’s cut with the same trim fit that's been tailored to perfection, but crafted using a lightweight polyester-cotton blend, which is both breathable and moisture -wicking. It also allows for maximum range of motion, with just a little bit more stretch than our classic Pima cotton fabric.

Nothing should hold you back when you're on the move—least of all your polo.