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Aventura Store Opening | Psycho Bunny

Aventura Mall, Miami

store re-opening!


Find us in the lower level of the new wing

Photo: Leo Diaz

We’re thrilled to announce the re-opening of our Aventura Mall store! The new store, which previously served as a temporary retail pop-up art experience during the 2018 holiday season, has gone through new and exciting renovations.

The 1,600 square foot store was first designed to replicate a working artist’s studio and acted as a ‘behind the scenes’ setting during its temporary phase which featured custom artwork by local Miami native Alex Yanes. In its final phase, the permanent store mimics an interactive art gallery concept and represents the completion of an artists’ journey from creation to display. Just as the best art galleries assist and facilitate their artists’ production of great work, the store serves as a meeting place for customers to explore.

The main feature of the space will be a fully customizable gallery wall which can display a wide array of merchandise. Large sliding panels house a modular peg system on which the display shelves can be slid into different places or removed entirely. In addition, a large-scale LED screen located in the rear of the store will act as a form of digital art allowing the brand to promote an array of video and other branded content to customers in the store.

The Psycho Bunny store will officially open on April 17th with its spring, kids and golf assortments and is located on Level 1 in the expansion wing of the Aventura Mall located at 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL.