Artist Series

It's true what they say, artists are the lifeblood of every city

The Psycho Bunny Artist Series celebrates local talent, colorful self-expression and the cities we call home.

This ongoing series is set to serve up originality, self-expression and local pride. For the program's inaugural year, Psycho Bunny has worked with Mich Miller, an artist with deep ties to Chicago, Jason Naylor, renowned optimist and street artist from NYC and Matt Cliff, an illustrator and type artist out of Texas, to name a few.

This national program is grounded in Psycho Bunny's commitment to empower artistic expression through creative collaborations. Where there's art there's life-and we're here for it.

Kyle is an ambidextrous artist, designer and friend based out of Philadelphia, PA. His work blurs the lines between art and graffiti by weaving nostalgia, humor, and personal experience into densely ornate pieces. Kyle’s work can be seen around Philadelphia at the Philadelphia International Airport, Neighborhood Ramen, The Fillmore and HoneyGrow to name a few.

Growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, Kyle spent most of his days on a skateboard, in art classes or playing video games. Kyle received an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the Antonelli Institute in 2007.

"I'm a compulsive doodler, and I have to create. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, which gave me lots of opportunity to grow as an artist.

One of the things I liked about working with Psycho Bunny is the brand is very open to collaboration, and letting the artist grow within that project."


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