Psycho Bunny redefines the classics with inimitable wit and peerless quality, giving tradition an updated edge.

Our polo shirt is not only the one staple you need in your closet, but as you build your collection you’ll find it’s the best polo you’ve found. Made of 100% Pima cotton, its taped seams and signature side vent ensures a crisp, neat, athletic fit. Find your size in a variety of seasonal colors; we guarantee that over time it’ll maintain its shape, wash after wash. Make the Psycho Bunny polo a staple of your wardrobe—you’ll be glad you did.





100% Pima Cotton
World-renown for its silky texture, our Pima cotton wears better and has a softer feel than traditional cotton. A diamond piqué stitch and durable two-ply yarn ensures extra stability.

Taped shoulder seams
Fabric-taped shoulder seams in matching color hold the shape so you don’t get a baggy, unfit shirt—ours will maintain its shape, wash after warm wash.

Trim, but not slim fit
We guarantee a crisp, neat, athletic fit that will hug your sides and compliment your figure, but won’t pinch or tighten on your body.

Signature side vent
On the original tennis shirt, the vents at the bottom helped keep it tucked in during play; even if you’re wearing it to the office, it’ll stay where it belongs. We tape these in same fabric color as our shoulder seams to ensure added strength and flexibility. 



Mother of Pearl buttons 
Ever wonder why mollusk shells are so smooth? Layers of nacre coat the shell, defending it against debris. This nacreous layer, is better known as Mother of Pearl because it protects and nourishes the pearl inside, is also the source for the buttons that embellish the Psycho Bunny polo shirt; which won’t crack or break.

Exclusive logo embroidery 
With over 3000 stitches in each embroidery, we make sure your investment in quality holds up. We’re continually improving this process as we strive for the perfect representation of what our iconic logo stands for.

Diamond knit pique
Not only will the Psycho Bunny polo maintain its shape after repeated washings, but it will also retain its classic fit. Our polos are Designed with a 40s singles, double knit diamond pique at 220 grams/m2; which ensures a more durable garment that can withstand a warm wash and dry. 

The Color Selection
Once you find your size, outfit yourself in our four classic staples and then fill out your collection with a new line of colors every season.