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OUTLINE Men's Collection: Quietly Bold and Crafted with Unrivaled Quality

OUTLINE Men's Plain Colored Clothing

OUTLINE, a men’s solid color clothing collection, is Psycho Bunny’s stripped-down new assortment of timeless, made-to-last garments that demonstrate the brand’s commitment to quality.

Menswear brand Psycho Bunny have just launched OUTLINE, a new collection that represents the brand’s essence: higher grade pieces designed with superior craftsmanship, meant to be worn with confidence. Premium core pieces like plain-colored polos, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and caps are presented in a curated, toned-down pallet of black, white, gray, and green.

What makes it special?

What is OUTLINE and what makes it different from the regular Psycho Bunny collections? OUTLINE is an elevated collection of wardrobe staples that feature made-to-last garments—even more so than before—reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality. Even higher grade triple-stitched double-faced fabrics, subtle detailing, and crisp silhouettes differentiate this collection from Psycho Bunny’s regular quality offering. Eight styles—including T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, zip up hoodies, sweat shorts, caps, and more—are available in essential solid colors like black, gray, and white, with a tone-on-tone embroidered OUTLINE Bunny logo. The collection caters to both existing Psycho Bunny fans and new consumers looking to upgrade their minimalist wardrobes with a lofty touch of class this season.

Coloring the OUTLINE

Why has Psycho Bunny crafted a collection in solid colors? Quite simply to cater to the customers that desire those easy-to-pair classic pieces to hang in their wardrobe, but are also engineered to the highest standards achievable in today’s fashion landscape. OUTLINE men’s solid color clothing is just that. It’s meant to pair with everything—seamlessly—whether you want to dress down for a casual midday outing, or your intention is to look your absolute best for a special event. The bottom line is, you’ll feel and look great your best while wearing the best—in a quietly bold aesthetic. Simplicity and quality is confidence.

As with the tonality of the collection, the colorway selection is of paramount importance, elevating its plain-colored clothing pieces with meticulously selected hues to form a harmonious collection. The color choice is as important as the quality ethos of OUTLINE itself. There will always be a toned-down, paired back palette running throughout the line, featuring one or two surprise colors—although still subdued, harmonious, and sophisticated. This season’s quietly bold lime green is just that; easily paired yet a hue that will elevate most any ensemble. For the guy that doesn’t want to be too loud, but wants to let his personality shine through occasionally, adding a piece in the unique lime green shade is a game-changer. To him, this is dressing daringly, although still within his comfort zone—and allows him to stand apart. And the best part is that the OUTLINE men's solid color clothing collection will update these tones with the release of every line, allowing you to build a wardrobe over seasons with incredible depth—and, of course, quality.
 As a slight counterpoint, your classic black polo, now in higher grade Pima cotton piqué than ever before, can be worn with everything from jeans and chinos to sweatpants and technical sport pants. There really is no limit to what a black polo of this unrivaled quality can achieve. If you’re packing one item for the weekend, it’s your black polo. It finds the same relevance at the poolside sipping margaritas as it does dining out at an opulent Michelin Star restaurant—which speaks volumes about OUTLINES easeful quality and style.
No one thinks twice about wearing a solid white T-shirt, in fact, it’s perhaps the
most neutral thing any man has in his wardrobe. However, when you wear a two-piece white sweatsuit, although still laid back, it instantly becomes a statement look that is bound to turn heads. It’s all dependent on your styling preferences and mood, of course. But the reality is that white is a powerful shade that can and should be used to its full effect. The OUTLINE men’s solid color clothing is designed to do just that; it’s understated but elevated, setting you apart through its minimalist confidence—and you get to choose to dress it down or up without much complexity.

The last color in the collection is gray. Who doesn’t love a grey zip up hoodie and sweatshorts, or a grey T-shirt and polo? They are quintessential classics, elevated by the superior quality textiles, tonal embroidered Bunny logos, crisp silhouettes, and premium craftsmanship that OUTLINE is steeped in.


Quality of the collection


The loungewear is crafted with higher grade double-faced interlock jersey that retains smooth lines even after a whole day’s wear. OUTLINE’s loungewear pieces are effortless, polished, and comfortable—lasting luxury, made for character. 


The OUTLINE polo is crafted from the signature Psycho Bunny diamond-knit Peruvian Pima cotton piqué, but using finer, longer yarns. Developed for a lighter feel and touch, it is elevated with matte buttons that enhance its minimalist aesthetic and advances its wear-to-any-occasion aptitude.


The tonal OUTLINE tees are crafted in higher grade Peruvian Pima cotton jersey for a more durable, lightweight, and timeless look that subtly elevates any wardrobe with understated details and a clean silhouette.


The newly introduced knit textile—with 5% spandex—is a classic six-panel construction baseball cap. Customized and tailored for this collection, it features a matte finished buckle with a debossed Bunny logo at the back face. It’s utilitarian comfort at its peak.

Discover OUTLINE

Bunny Pride

Founded in 2005 with a mission of creating the perfect polo, Psycho Bunny has developed a cult following thanks to their commitment to quality, the brand’s eye-popping colors and an unconventional logo that stands apart in the sea of sameness. Expanding from polos to tees, French terry loungewear, technical outerwear, accessories, and so much more, we are steadily growing our Bunnyverse every day. Our brand’s irreverent ethos offers a playground for self-expression, with clothes that allows the consumer to wear their personality on their sleeve and their character on their collar. 



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