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Artist Series, Yorkdale Toronto: Effie Theodosiou

Artist Series, Yorkdale Toronto: Effie Theodosiou

The Toronto illustrator, muralist, and designer Effie Theodosiou, for the Psycho Bunny Artist Series, has created her own interpretation of the city using her signature “whimsy, wavey, and wonderful” style, as she so spiritedly describes it. Her aesthetic steers away from drawing straight or perfect lines, instead favoring curious shapes and a myriad of colors, imagining a world of far-out and fun creations. See the artwork Effie Theodosiou created for Psycho Bunny’s Artist Series in-store at Yorkdale, Toronto.


She developed a love for art while studying fashion; after graduating in Fashion Arts at Humber College, Theodosiou headed to London to complete an International Fashion Business Bachelor at Nottingham Trent University. It’s there where she met her partner, before deciding to move back to Toronto, where she got to show him all the things she loves about her city. “I wanted that same feeling of joy and passion to manifest in the Artist Series,” Theodosiou says.

Her creative process for the project started out with the artist doing her homework and finding concepts relating to Toronto that are meaningful to her. “I did a deep dive into the Psycho Bunny brand and its aesthetic before building a color palette that I felt best represented their spirit. I then cast my mind to Toronto and all the parts that make it unique: its lights, sights, and sounds. I wanted this feeling and rhythm of Toronto to echo throughout the pieces I created for the Artist Series like a vibration from the city,” Theodosiou explains.


Her unique style stems from a long-time passion for kids’ films like Alice in Wonderland, which project the magical message that possibilities are endless, and anything can happen. “I wanted my work to have that same feeling, both inspiring people and making them feel at ease. This really inspired my style and I try to make things as funky as possible, without it being overwhelming.


 Theodosiou’s passion for the arts and self-expression is exactly why she was so excited to work on the Artist Series. “This project is so special to me, because of Psycho Bunny’s commitment to artists and creating an experience for their customers. I love that Psycho Bunny’s stores are so unique and they really aim to excite and inspire.”

When asked to describe what self-expression means to her, Theodosiou says it's “authentic, creative, and unique.” She continues, “self-expression is important now more than ever, because in our fast-paced lives things can become a blur. We need a release, some funky individuality, to break up the mundane by creating imaginative excitement.”

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