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Free Sneaker Cleaning Kit with purchase of $200+

Purchase Psycho Bunny® merchandise totalling $200.00 USD or more (before applicable taxes), at our Psycho Bunny Boutique store and online, will receive one (1) free PSYCHO BUNNY SNEAKER CLEANING KIT per customer at the time of purchase (customer’s purchase date- and time-stamped receipt may be required and we have the final say about whether your purchase qualifies) while supplies last. This offer is valid from December 5, 2022 while supplies last (“Offer Period”). This offer does not apply to Psycho Bunny merchandise: purchased outside of the Offer Period, purchased in Canadian Psycho Bunny Boutique stores,, Psycho Bunny outlet stores or from other retailers. This offer is not transferable, cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion and is not exchangeable, refundable, or redeemable for money, other products or any other value. Additional exclusions including lack of supply and other economic events beyond our reasonable control, technical glitches and failures affecting our website, Act of God, and other fortuitous event, that prevent us from fulfilling this offer apply. Please check to see if any other conditions or restrictions apply when shopping on our website or in-store.


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