James Goldcrown and Robert Godley

 We are excited to announce our new collaboration with the Love Wall artist, James Goldcrown. The collaboration kicked off at the Super Bowl Saturday party where guests received an exclusive t-shirt designed by Goldcrown and Psycho Bunny while enjoying a live display of his art.

“It was an alignment of the stars,” Robert Godley says of the pair up. He and co-founder Robert Goldman are both fans of Goldcrown’s work and street art in general. "Given that our logo is so graphic, it kind of works in tandem with street art and that vibe. Psycho Bunny has a unique logo that is instantly recognizable and evokes emotion. The heart has the same kind of effect on people and speaks a universal language. So this collaboration is really about combining the two icons and bringing together two unique audiences."

James Goldcrown

The project will continue with a tshirt capsule collection which will highlight the printed signature 'James Goldcrown 4 Psycho Bunny' collaborative artwork, in three designs. Below is a sneak peak of the designs that will be available to order this May. Stay tuned via our weekly email for more information on pre-ordering.  

James Goldcrown teesPsycho Bunny and James Goldcrown